Private Placement Advisors  LLC

JOBS Act Solutions

Private Placement Advisors LLC has been a pioneer in equity and debt crowdfunding, focusing exclusively on Titles II and IV of the JOBS Act of 2012 since December 2013.  We are an established private placement authority as manger of a six year-old State Securities Regulation LinkedIn discussion group and a new Equity and Debt Crowdfunding LinkedIn discussion group. Our blog,, formerly, has been online for five years. We have published two titles covering state securities regulation, Blue Sky Chronicle and State Securities Reporter.

We structure and execute exempt offerings using JOBS Act solutions. We write offering documents and file them with the SEC and the appropriate states. We draft operating agreements, private placement memorandum, subscription agreements, and investor questionnaires. We write SEC 506(c verification letters. We design and distribute P2P real estate pitch decks. We assist in real estate investor presentations. We file clients' quarterly statements with regulators and we communicate with clients' investors as required under Federal and state securities laws. 

Private Placement Advisors,  LLC specializes in real estate P2P solutions using Rule 506(b, Rule 506(c, Rule 504/SCOR intrastate exemptions, and Regulation S for offshore investors.

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